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Besides the sorrow that loved one's go through, families are often faced with the financial stress that accompanies funeral planning.


When that time comes, loved ones make emotionally charged decisions resulting in a monetary debt. In the absense of a plan, families will frequently overspend when a loved one passes away with the intent to honor the loved one's legacy and out of a sense of guilt.


Consequently, a heavy financial burden becomes a post - death reality.


Now you can help your family with the tough decisions ahead of time. Your legacy, pre-funeral, and careful financial  planning combined with the supportive guidance of Legacy Life will equip your family to be better prepared when the inevitable happens.


Legacy Life take's a consultative approach and can show you the solutions available that can put your family at ease and leave them debt free when the time comes for you to inherit the Glory that awaits the Children of God.


Legacy Life can also prepare you and your family to commemorate your legacy in accordance with your final wishes in the dignity that is realized in Jesus Christ.


Rather than leaving your loved one's with the anguish of funeral details during a tumulteous time and the heavy debt that ensues, we invite you to explore our solutions.


When taking the opportunity, both you and your family may rest in the knowledge that you are well prepared, have lovingly sparred them of  the heart wrenching  decisions, and have put a solid plan in place.

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